The Rain Gossip With Us -Heavy rain doesn’t know how to stop discriminate the tears behind it’s rain drops.

But there was always a connection between us & rain.

You remember the day when we broke up , of course you remember. But do you still can recall the moment when you said those harsh words that ” IT’S NOT WORKING ANYMORE ” just because I disobeyed your wish for the first time. It was raining so hard but my tears were cuddling down faster than that. You left me all alone in the middle of the road just like you don’t care. I sat on my knee fold crying loudest I could . I wanted to shed your memories like the mascara in my eyes. It was very easy for you to leave me alone in that fucking traumatic situation but it was equally difficult for me to forget you . It was raining like a rhythm of a war. War Inside My Heart.

Rain gossip with us :-

The rain never remain the same since that precious break-up day.

You remember the day when we spent a whole day stuck in your room just because it was heavily rained outside. Of course you don’t. The day when we were studying the electromagnetic effect of charges and it turned out to the attraction effect of our bodies due to the rain ghosting me and you made me my favorite KADAK WALI CHAI . It was the day when we made love for the first time. It was so supportive rain for your mood because you always wanted that.  And it was a perfect moment as you always used to say RAIN + CHAI + SEX = PERFECT MOMENT .  And it was really perfect for me too, because I had you.


You remember the day when you asked me out for a dinner date for the first time . And you had to cancel it and had to sneak in my room with red wine and chocolate just because it was raining out there and I had a little cold. You Warmed Me In Your Arms Whole Night with the sip of red wine with some candles around my bed. It was romantic, even more than your cancelled dinner date. I was happy because it rained and all this happened.


The Rain Gossip With Us :-

You remember the first day of our meeting when I came to your room for asking you if you had an umbrella, it’s urgent I need to reach some coffee shop to catch-up with my brother after so long. And you said ” GET IN FIRST OR ELSE YOU’LL REACH HOSPITAL BEFORE REACHING ANYWHERE ELSE “. My clothes were completely wet and I took your t-shirt . But your jeans doesn’t fit me so gone with your loose trouser. You were so caring .
The care was showering with rain out there in the road.

Do you remember how exotic the rain was when you proposed me at the bus stand and said ” Do You Believe In Love At First Site ? ” And I replied ” NO But I Definitely Believe In Love At FIRST RAIN ” You blinked with a smile on your face and said ” I BELIEVED For The First Time AFTER GAZING YOU” .  You were so clumsy but I liked your confidence. And accepted your proposal. But the rain made one mistake that day it made me miss my bus , set me alone for you.
Do you remember our rain, of course you can not forget. But guess what the rain no more make sense to me. THE RAIN LOST ITS MAGIC SINCE I LOST YOU. I’m amaze, it’s still raining when I’m penning you on my story.
There’s always a connection between us & rain, you know.



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