THE NIGHT CALL – The struggle between should sleep or not is really a difficult decision at night. And when you’re single af and have no boyfriend to gossip for just keep the relationship working is much more tough than you ever thought.
The single people like me have only few things to do at night like :-
watching movies
watching web series
reading novels
using phones
whats app
listening songs
last not least watching p**n

In between of this busy schedule if a single girl get a call at night from an unknown number is quite a strange thing but not an impossible thing right. Have 2 choices one either take the call and complicate the whole schedule decided for the night or just ignore like I did for once. But the unknown person called again and after ignoring again, the unknown number continued to disturb. And this times its catching my nerves and also taking my peace.

I took the call and after 2 minutes of silence the voice said ” wanna talk just listen “. Did he ordered me. It should be my choice in this midnight I wanna talk to someone or not, anyway I didn’t have any choice so I continued to pretend listening.


It feels more lonely when you found someone feeling more lonely than you. Atleast I had things to do , I had a list to spend the night but there is someone who don’t even have a friend to share their thoughts with , have noone whom they can ask for help whenever they needed them the most. I think sometimes listening is really a best healing process for someone who have so much to tell, and I’m listening him.

I won’t judge him just because he called a girl at night five to six times , unknowingly that a girl will pick up the call. And don’t show my aggression for how he ordered me to listen. And will thank him for telling me how much good listener I’m , ’cause dude I heard his sad broken love story all the while till the sunrise.

He was broken , and I’m just trying to help him out to heal. I thought it would be the 1st and last time but I guess there is some conspiracy of God in this night call.

This happened the next night again, but this time I picked it up at one call , I heard him again. He has a soft and attractive voice. He asked me to say or suggest him. I tried. Anyway I was wondering if this is good , if this is not how it should be. I was in such a bad dilemma.

But there’s a happiness , I don’t know which kinda happiness this was but I was happy that I could help someone. It feels like a psychiatrist treating his patient so nicely. I became his counselor , his nurse , his friend , his guardian in these few days , sorry nights.

And fairly I was improving myself too , to become better for him and for own.
A stranger is always a good listener for anyone , he said once. And I think this is true.
As usual the night calls continued and my un-tagged friendship.

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