THE BACKBENCHER – Being a part of the group of backbenchers is cool. And if you’re the coolest one in the group that’s more awesome. The profits you’ll have by being backbencher is you’ll get more attention and your priorities are always clear.

He was the book-holic one in the group. Always into his books. All the new books have been read by him those are present in the library. He don’t choose books to read but books do choose him to read by. The nerdy look doesn’t suit him but he looks smart in those circle frame spectacle.

We have such a contrast character but I like him. If I’m the laziest person then he’s the most active guy in the class. His cleanness in every field and my dirty mode. He have all the appropriate answers and I have the unusual questions. His softness and my harsh talk. In every case we stands opposite to each other. But I like it like that.


The way he loves his books, I started getting attracted to him like the same. Yeah I have many choice because of being the coolest kinda girl in the class but I was still attracted to him. His frizzy hair , those brown eyes which were always in the books,the circle spectacle , the soft voice , the intellectual thoughts,his lame jokes which noone ever understood ,  I like all of them. And the best part to have him as a bench mate is a treasure.

It makes things to easy for you who don’t even touch the books. And never get pissed off by any teacher, just because your partner knew everything. As much as he read books , the more I got stuck in him. I spend whole day just learning him as a subject. He helps me out in every subject except the one I really want to study ( The love book ). But this is never easy to have an affair with the guy in your own group. And the worst thing is I don’t even know if he thinks the same way for me as I think for him.


But it’s good, our friendship , the compatibility in this friendship , the comfort zone, the care ,everything is good and thats why I don’t wanna ruin this just for my unusual feelings.

We spend a lot of time together just sitting in the backbench , from where we can keep keen eye on the whole class and no-one can see us. He stuck in his books and I was stuck in him. Sometimes it feels so good just to watch someone silently , I like when he folds his sleeves in between of reading a book , and make his frizzy hair uniformed by his hands not to disturb him.

Then, before those final exam thing; we were developing another kind of relation. Now he had been my tutor for all time. We study together in school , coaching , canteen everywhere. The backbenchers now exist in every last bench of the places we always use to visit. He teaches me every subject so interestingly and I studied hard. It’s difficult for me to not daydreaming about him in between of the discussion we do about any topic.


He noticed how ironically I was loosing my coolness and being beautiful just to get his attention. And he liked it. He started admiring me too. And that made me realise how awesome I could be. The backbencher friends got to attached that we needed no more benches to share, we share books , foods and then texts.

The whole class acknowledged how we’re changing, it made things more difficult for us. The group rumours , the teacher’s suspicious eyes on us , the friends taunts everything makes us realise that only we’re  unknown to this but everyone knows.


And one day we realised how muchh we both want to be with each other. We find excuses to be together. And it made things clear. Like always my priorities were. I told him about my feelings. Yeah I know usually boys takes the 1st step but dude remember I’m the cool one here so I did. And guess how muchh good luck I had. He accepted with another proposal. He asked ” WILL YOU BE MY MATE FOR LIFE LIKE THE BACKBENCH ? ”


And guess what I’m here with him spending my alumni day on the same last bench as a couple. He’s reading me a BOOK OF LOVE today.


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