This is fact that we still miss our school and our school friends. It has another level of magic when we recall them as a group. We can’t leave aside, not even a single memory with them. And it feels more alive when you get to see them again in a get together.

That School Friend

I’m a girl with a silent personality, doesn’t match with those who are called as talkative. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like to talk, I do. But the reality is I found noone to share my views, who could understand me or my perspective. Perhaps that’s why I have became silent.


And as people say silent is the key to success so I succeeded in my career. I’m a writer btw , I was so much bookworm kinda girl back then.We met again, all the batch mates but there’s a silence in between the friends , an excitement with a surprise to see again. All the 3 gangs divided itself as we were in the school. We feel we were in the same era again.


Somehow you always have a friend, who never talked in person but in social networking sites he would be a great listener. I had one. And today when he was good in person too , it made me feel differently. Whenever in school we used to pass each other we never talked , just smiled seeing each other and pass through.


But at the same day if we would get to have a chat we would share every bit of the day.He was kinda my best friend just to share views and to trust he’ll understand. But it all stopped with the day of farewell party. I lost the one and only friend I ever had to share my thoughts with.



It was really a tragedy to loose a friend like him on a very special day. It was his birthday, we’re there to celebrate his birthday also the farewell party. Obviously ,you would think what could happen that this has to happen. The boy who never talk with me in person proposed me that day in front of whole class.


It doesn’t  make sense right. I never imagined this will happen. I mean I always liked him because he was my friend but never thought in that way. And we took a break from friendship too for our sake.


And today the person came by himself to make the 1st move. All while I was imagining us as the old days , now I got a reality check and it’s amazingly horrible. We talked and everyone imagining us as a couple what we are not. Now this is embarrassing.

But this gonna change things between us. Again I found my that school friend back. But this time its different. We’re mature enough to deal with the relationship thing. We don’t give a fuck in what people will say. What if parents get to know. And we can manage our professional and personal life separately.

Maybe the farewell wasn’t our day but this get together became. I was feeling good to see him as my friend , my bestie , or somehow as my partner. And here we go. When at the evening we were returning to our homes he dropped me. And then happened magic , he asked me if now I have something to share , he would like to listen it again.


I said yes for keeping him for life. I bring him home. We got some hot coffee and talked whole night just like we used to chat, the old times. But it feels good to have that school friend back in present as your life friend.

Penned:- Amisha


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