STRANGE FANTASY WITH STRANGER–Having horny feelings for your bf is kinda normal thing but to fantasize your nasty thoughts with a stranger is incredible.
So it’s all about the cruel night which lost its grip because of the way was too long for a lonely horny girl. Being bitchy is my full time job but that night I was in a different role. I was travelling and it was really a long journey to take. And he whom I was beholding like a gardner nurture his plants with love. He isn’t my bf or friend for whom I have feelings. He’s kinda a hot , smart looking stranger for me whose physique was tempting me.

It was so new to me , like I’m somehow a normal and introvert kinda bitch , but after talking to him for a moment my inner exotic girl was really converted into an extrovert , over friendly girl.

He was seated near me , but we aren’t sharing the same sleeper . I was solving some quantum physics to solve his physique energy, was hoping to hop on him. Its some kind of desperacy but his small talks were breaking my tolerance.
So smoothly he broke the ice and asked genuinely if I had any problem to share my sleeper with him ( having some ac. Issues ). Obviously I had never a problem with him ( ya-hi to me chahti thi ). He clearly can scan my thoughts by my lip biting gesture maybe. It’s not my 1st time to make-out in a public bus which has  a personal sleeper but sharing a sleeper with a stranger guy is a mismatched thing and I’m really excited for this.


Since we both wanted the lights off that makes easy to sleep. But as I said the night has to be cruel to me so how come the dreams gonna come . He slept or pretending to be sleepy I don’t know but in sleep his hands doesn’t remains constant like €°. Sometimes on my belly then in a moment on my waist. He was close bro like really close , I can feel his breath on my neck this is the farthest he was from me.

As the nights got darken , the guy got out of my grip like the sand from our hands. He hugged me if I were his side pillow. The LHS & RHS were equally tempted , HENCE PROVED . This is 1st step : – The eyes were closed and the lips were close too  , the 2nd step :- The key of kiss has to unlock the romance.

The night and fantasy started to complete its journey. And so is this desirable dream.
And fantasizing your nasty thoughts with a stranger is really implausible .


Penned:- Amisha


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