It feels annoying when you have a blank mind when you sleep. You always needed to think something otherwise your dreams will leave you alone for the rest of night. I wonder why people have dreams and I don’t. Why people have to visualize things to dream about.

The dreams aren’t my kinda think if I need to sleep for that. I wasn’t always like this , so positive, so focused . Naah , I was never like this until I met my dream boy in person.


He was the same as I was visualizing him. The idealistic look , the true and pure eyes , the modesty on his lips , the creative thinking , the loyal nature , the kind behavior , the intellectual mind with a normal beating heart. He was so perfect that I couldn’t believe that I’m in front of him , arguing on my negative opinion with this positive vibe. Strangely I didn’t felt any butterflies in my belly or heard any bells , I was breathing normally and my temperature was all okay. But it was real I felt something that was above of all that ” DREAM “.

You know sometimes you feel like you have seen the same sequence somewhere but can’t recall , I was feeling the same and what a coincidence he felt it too. After 15 minutes of argument , where 1st I lost my negative vibe. We both matched on a sentence ” I HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE “.


This was so unfair for our argument to just forget all the topic and talk about DREAMS. But 1st time I was thinking something beyond my vision. My vision when I was all blank in my dreams, lost in middle of a highway with a blank mind. And there he comes and start giving light on my path to take me to the DREAMS.

It was 2 years back and today I’m here achieving MY DREAMS. And the best part is my vibe the positive one is along with me as my reality of this purely amazing DREAM.  I guess we don’t need to sleep to catch the right DREAM. Just DREAM big and achieve it , try to get less nap for your DREAMS.



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