Look at the conspiracy of the night, he too had to remain awaken at night with me to accompany me without even let me know that someone is awake just for me. To have a little bit of conversation and to make the night better of lastly happened ones. When I swiped him right I didn’t knew it could be a match in a mini second. But He knew it will happen soon and it did. He always knew the conspiracy of tinder,’cause he wasn’t new as me in this dating thing.



Normally dating apps aren’t my cup of tea , but somehow my friends dragged me here to find someone to not make their life more boring by just telling them about my so unromantic , single-hood. And yeah I’m here on tinder finding nothing just swiping left & right like a parade competition . Left – Right – left. I was so busy in doing this that I forgot to notice that I got my 1st match.


When I actually noticed it would be 2 o’clock of midnight I guess. But when I liked his cute smiling picture that he had put for a show off definitely. And he got the notification and sooner he replied “HEY”. Every letter was on caps. Maybe it can get more attention. After a little bit of formal introduction part , which I really wanted to skip ; we were like dude! you’re awesome , why we never met before. I’m the un-socialized person who don’t know how to behave , became his very good friend in one night. He thought I’m funny but I was more than that which is called SARCASM .

He was funny too. And in a week we started liking each other. He never thought of being in a relationship again neither do I . Yeah we both were broken like a really heartbroken persons, those looses hope from love. But after finding someone like us we started healing. The care , fun , and laughter’s started stitching the broken parts apparently. We knew we would be best for each other but there was fear too. A fear of broken again , loosing hopes again . And this fear took a lot of time to overcome. At least 6 and half month. Just to choose what is right for us and doing some silly things like – he loves me , he loves me not. Swiping more left and right.


Damn , I never thought he would be ready that day when we talked whole night on call. Yes , we have crossed a lot of bridges that makes a bond. Not a bond of love but bond of care , friendship , support , trust. I trust him. That’s worse than anything again I’m falling for someone and started trusting someone so badly. But luckily he do the same. Our friendship started turning into love. And we paused once again on our 1st date.

I never thought he will ask it publicly with so much preparation on his knee and with a red rose in his hand. But it happened and yes I always wanted to say yes and I did. Now this is called conspiracy. He always knew it was just a one step away thing of his life and I would be his part. He always knew that the swiping left right thing gonna be right for us.

Now , we spend more time on calls and msgs than before. We started meeting every fucking day. The least we could control was to not meet in a 2 days. We were healing and tempting too. We became desperate and desperacy was killing some moments in fight. But we were good. Good in every way.

Like he shifted in my compartment , we were being serious and in a serious live in relationship. What were we enjoying like heaven. We almost wake up with a cute kiss and sleep by making love.You know its too hard to find someone who is good in both the -asm

SARCASM & ORGASM. And I’m the lucky one to get both in my guy by just swipe left and right.




Many time the intimacy thing changes many things in relationship or people’s mind set. They becomes somehow more needy and desperate.But it didn’t changed anything between us. We were healing more . His broken part was completely filled with my broken part. Like an enzyme fits in the substrate part. We are fit for each other. The love session improved our career too. We were motivating each other to grab success. That happens rarely in any relationship.

We were heading towards getting more serious about this thing which we always known as LOVE. And now here we are reading my 1st published book together , proving that there is always a broken piece which is waiting for you to heal your broken part to become a complete heart like this 💔+💔=❤️ . That’s how the conspiracy of tinder worked awesomely for us.img

Penned:- Amisha

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