A DOUBLE DATE – The anxiety of not wanting to be a part of their so called romantic double date  , (that wasn’t gonna be happening ) could be visible on my face clearly.I would not feel so much annoying if it was like those dates I attend. But my misfortune. I have gone for many dates this isn’t my first time and always with a new face, with a new personality . But this time its awkward. Like wtf I have to be the One who interrupts ( kabab me haddi ) between the two lovebirds.

Ohh yes there would be one more bone , sorry the one who will accompany me. But I’m not ready. I mean whatever I do on my dates that’s really none of  their business so wth they need to accompany or they need me to join them. Okay , maybe she is a little bit psycho that’s why . But it’s gonna be ok as she said to make me feel calm. Ohh yes she also comforts me by saying the guy is cool and cute obviously. Maybe it’s really gonna be a sane date.


So here we are at the her bfs bthday cum our double date. It meant to be like this I guess . He the unknown face whom I gonna kiss tonight  ( who knows what next ) was seeing me like yes after a long time he got the meal he was searching for . Such a jerk man. I tried hard to not being so judgemental but whatever he was doing made me insane.

He was insane man. He don’t know how to behave. This is how he thinks that if you are cute you’ll look cute in any kinda bullshit. He’s ok with every single misbehaving thing to which I wasn’t even interested. It was not that much bad how I make people think. We had really great night though. He was a jerk that was so true but he knows how to behave with a girl who is drunk. He made me solace by rubbing my back , by helping me to puke.


So he is one of that kinda guy. Also who did not touch a girl when she is drunk. He was even more decent in bed to make me sleep. That so called romantic date wasn’t really romantic but yeah it was the ending of being stranger to that unknown face.
And that guy still is mine. The date wasn’t successful for me but was a  successful step for our relationship.



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